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I'm Ashley and i started with electronics. (about a year now)
And my question is: Ware can i get some used test gear (multimeter's, oscilloscope, signalgenerators, power supplies) for cheap or free because i can't spend many money.

Greetings Ashley     

Ebay. And most countries have a local website (often run by newspapers as a replacement for their 'classified ads') where people sell their stuff. Sometimes there are interesting offers but you have to be quick!

@nctnico thx

Free is quite unlikely.
For maybe cheap,I'll just cut -n- paste the answer I gave to another poster(modified a bit) ;D ;D

Google for Hamfests.

Europe is full of Hams,who have these "swapmeets" for Radio & Electronics equipment fairly regularly.
You may pick up a cheap 'scope or other test gear at one of these events,as there is usually a lot of stuff available.

Western Australia only has "one & a half"of these each year,& I got all my Ham Radios plus my Oscilloscope at them.

Lots more Hams in Europe,which means more Hamfests,& as you are not looking for "mainstream" stuff,like radios,you may strike gold ! ;D

thank you @vk6zgo   :D :D

I now a fieuw ham shows in the area.


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