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Free TM515 and more, Mississauga, Ontario

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Cleaning garage, free for pickup . Maybe other stuff too.

Hi, I'm interested but I'm in the Montreal area. I would be willing to pay shipping. Thanks.

Not worth the shippng cost imho.
Have more stuff that has to go, complete hobby etching set used once (tank, pump, UV light, some photeresist laminate some plain, chemicals etc.).
Clone hakko fx-951, some rasberry pie stuff (like LCD ) .
Will keep it for now in a shed till next time I have to use mower, then in the garbagge bin it goes.

Oh well, I wish that I lived closer by. I'd also take the UV light. Thanks anyway.

Adding some pics plus more stuff 40" Samsung LED TV hardly used, small fume extractor, malahite radio, vaccuum picker and more.
All free for grabs.

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