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FREE to good home! 230V to 115V 1kW transformer

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This is an ex-IBM 1kW step down/step up transformer. A real transformer, not an SMPS. It was originally used at the IBM Wangaratta plant up until the 1990's sometime. Beautifully made, it will impress the wife. Doubles as a boat anchor - er, the transformer that is.

The story behind it: A mate and ex-colleague who is an Australian living permanently in the Austin, TX, came back here to sort out some personal stuff. He didn't want to carry the transformer on the aeroplane back to the US (excess baggage!). He wanted to give me the transformer, but I don't need it as I already have one. So he asked if I might see if someone night want it.

Pick up in Brunswick in Melbourne (Australia) at another bloke's house. I don't know his address.  Message me for the phone number of the bloke who has it and you organise picking it up. He is not going to ship it, but you could organise a courier to pick it up maybe.

Don't ask me the size, specs etc... I had it stored here about 8 years ago, and I forgot it's details. Its about the size of two shoe boxes on top of each other and weighs about 10kg or so. It does have a handle on it. No photo; but it is well made, without doubt.


Wonder what the shipping costs to the Old Dart would be..?   :scared:

I don't even want to think about the cost of shipping it up the road to Sydney.   :scared:


If that step down transformer is still available I'll take it off your hands.



Hi Waz, I think it is. I'll have to contact the owner to see if it is.


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