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I have a bunch of equipment from an estate that I am trying to get into the hands of people that could use it.  Below is a list of the equipment along with some pricing.  All these items have been powered on but not tested further.  Any specific notes about the unit will be next to it's line item.  I have the ability to ship, some might not be cost effective to ship long distances due to the weight and size.  Buyer pays shipping. If you have any specific questions on an item and want more detail please let me know.  These are stored in the home of the estate which is about 25 minutes away and I am more than happy to drive over and get any information you may need.  If someone was local and wanted to make an offer on the whole lot, it would be considered.  I'm a long time lurker of this forum and the Youtube channel but never signed up or posted.  If you need a reference to feedback I can refer you to my ebay store.

List of available equipment (All prices in USD):

1. Tektronix DPO 3034 Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope.  Includes Manual, TPA-BNC BNC adapter, and TCP0030 Current Probe.  I didn't get a photo but the current probe clips seem to be broken that holds the black piece on.  (I'll try and get a photo) -- $2700

2. Array 3710A DC Electronic Load 0-360v/150W --  SOLD

3. Agilent E4405B 9Khz-13.2Ghz ESA-E Series Spectrum Analyzer with Options (See photo)  -- SOLD

4. Agilent E3631A 0-6v 5A,  0- +/-25v 1A Triple Output DC Power Supply -- SOLD

5. GW (Good Will Industries) GAG-808B Audio Generator 1Mhz  -- SOLD

6. Hewlett Packard 6284A DC Power Supply 0-20v, 0-3A -- SOLD

7. Hewlett Packard 53181A 3Ghz Frequency Counter (Missing Handle/Stand) -- $375

8. BK Precision 4011 5Mhz Function Generator -- SOLD

9. Hewlett Packard 34401A Multimeter (No Leads) -- SOLD

10. National Instruments NI USB-6289 With SCB-68 and Cable, 32 Inputs, 18 Bit, 625Ks/s Multifunction I/O w/ Corrrelated Digital I/O for USB -- SOLD

11. Needham's Electronics EMP-20 Device Programmer with Modules 1x 01A/B, 2x 02A/B, 2x 03A/B, 1x 22A/B -- $100

12. TTC T-Berd 310 Communications Analyzer -- SOLD

13. Weidmuller Paladin Tools PC Cable Check 1570 -- SOLD

14. Hewlett Packard 54620A 16 Channel 500 Ms/s Logic Analyzer -- SOLD

15. Hewlett Packard E4433B ESG-D Series Signal Generator 250Khz-4.5Ghz  -- SOLD

16. SynAccess NetBooter NP-02B (3 Available) -- SOLD

17. Agilent 34970A Data Aquisition/Switch Unit with Spare 34901A Cartridge -- SOLD

18. Agilent E4419B EPM Series Power Meter with 8481A Power Sensor -- SOLD

Nice price for the USB-6289, I have two similar cards (6259 and 6363) at home and more at work, they are pretty versatile and useful devices if you can code (or draw LabVIEW).

Being a new member you may need to convince most you’re not a scammer as they do pop up here time and time again.
Payment options? eBay store link? ……

Yes, I understand the scammers, etc.  I put that I would provide my ebay store for reference but I didn't want to link it because I didn't want it to be considered advertising. But my seller name is Newman2525 on ebay. I've ben a member since 1999. I can also provide the link to the upcoming estate sale that these are from which you can see these in the garage photos.

As for payment, I can accept Paypal as Goods and Services just add 3%. 

From what zip code would you ship?


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