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FS(US-VA): IFR COM-120A AM/FM Service Monitor & IFR Model 2398 Spectrum Analyzer

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Hello All,

First post here, I read the rules post so I think I'm in the right place and not breaking any of them. :)

I have two older test devices that I'm looking to sell. They are:

* IFR COM-120A AM/FM Communications Service Monitor

* IFR Model 2398 Spectrum Analyzer
They belonged to my father. He passed away a couple years ago and I would like to see them find a new home with someone that can put them to good use. Before I list them on eBay I thought I would check here to see if there is any interest in purchasing them directly.

I don't have the knowledge of how these devices are used or operate, but they both power on and I've included photos showing their operation, and any self-test information I was able to find.

If you have questions about them, just ask and I'll do my best to get you answers or additional photos.

Let me know if there is some interest in these devices, or if you have suggestions on other forums that might specialize in this type of equipment. They are located in Ashburn, VA. Pick-up would be preferred as the COM-120A weighs about 40 pounds, and the Spectrum Analyzer weighs about 20. However, shipping may be an option too.

Thanks for your consideration.

Do you have a pic of the IFR COM-120A AM/FM Communications Service Monitor back? Any options installed you might know about?


I've attached a photo of the back for your reference.

The only option indicated is '01'. Based on some documentation I found, that is:

* 01- Internal Battery: This requires a Yuasa NP5-12A (or equivalent) to be installed. No other hardware or software changes needed.
Note: The installed battery was dead so it was removed.

Options Documentation:

KD0CAC John:
Prices ?


--- Quote from: KD0CAC John on November 28, 2022, 01:45:28 pm ---Prices ?

--- End quote ---

I didn't see your question until just now. We decided to list the items for auction on eBay. The listings will go up at the end of the week and we'll probably set the starting price something like $19.99 each. There will be other listings for more test equipment (photos below):

* Lot of 15+ RF Comm Attenuators, Couplers + More - JFW/Bird 2,5,10,25 Watt 0-30dB

* Helper Instruments Lineman LM-106 Transmission Line Test Set
* Helper instruments Sinadder 3 Model S-103 Sinad Meter and AC Voltmeter
I'll update this post when the auction is live.


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