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FS ( Canada) - 2X Metcal MX-500P-11 units, 4 wands, 27 various solder tips

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[attach=5]Hi all,

Selling from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. 1st time posting so go easy on me! Prices are in Canadian dollars

I have 2 Metcal MX-500P-11 smartheat soldering units. Both units have the orange light which means a ground fault. Not too sure what is involved to fix these or they can be. I believe someone with the skills could repair these units. Possibly it's not the units but the user. Not sure. Selling these for $75 each

I have 4 various Metcal wands - selling for 50 each.

I have 27 various Metcal solder tips. Majority are brand new and unused. Some in blister packs have been used, so not all in packages are brand new, but the majority are BNIB.  To list a few;

SSC - 737A
SSC - 613A
STTC - 025

Selling these for $20 each. If interested, make me a reasonable offer on the lot and it all could be yours. I will ship anywhere. I don't make money on shipping. Whatever the costs are to ship to you will all you will be charged.

Interested. Sent PM. Thanks

FYI the four metcal handles, 2 are normal metcal handles, one is MX-Talon tweezers (which use different tips), and one is a non-metcal handle (cheap, not worth as much as the Metcals).

sent PM

Good morning. I don’t see a message from you. Not too sure why not though?


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