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Sold FS (DE) HP 3476B 3.5 digit multimeter



Dear All,

I'm selling my HP 3476B multimeter which I purchased a couple of years ago and did a repair/change of the display with the help of the forum. In the meantime I got another meter which I repaired and which became my workbench DMM.

The 3476B is a nice working multimeter. Except the new display all is original as far I can tell and in good condition. I'll also include the original display which has a faulty segment (see first link below) and can easily be swapped.

Please find some information here:
Creation of new display with forum support:
Detailed description/teardown and service manual:

As I don't find any other 3476B to get an idea about the price please make a proposal. I can ship within DE and EU.


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