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Sold FS (EU) DER EE DE-5000 High Accuracy Handheld LCR Meter


★ measured in the optimal range automatically select the LCR each parameter
★ parallel (Lp · Cp · Rp) / serial (Ls · Cs · Rs) mode switching
★ 4-wire Kelvin connection measurement / 2-wire connection measurement
★ Test Frequency: 100/120 / 1k / 10k / 100kHz
★ ESR is measurable, D, Q, Θ!! There is no LCR meter which can measure this in this price range of ordinary!!
★ Dual Display: Main 20000/2000 sub-count
★ relative mode / component classification function

Price: 160€ including shipping 2000 Kms from Brussels

Price reduction to 140€ shipping included  :)


I sent you a PM. Thank you.


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