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FS [EU]: HP 7090A Data acquisition recorder / GPIB plotter - SOLD

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The HP 7090A is a 3 channel (or two Y and one X) analog plotter and data acquisition unit. The channels are floating (galvanic isolated) which is a very nice smoke reducing feature.

Works also as a GPIB printer with many HP test equipment (emulates the HP 7475A, I think).

There are BNC connectors for an oscilloscope which allows preview before the physical plotting.

If I remember correctly, I have used the 7090A in the past as an analog XY-plotter with an HP 8903B Audio analyzer and a 4192A Impedance analyzer (which requires simultaneous dual Y). And for GPIB plotting the 3585B Spectrum analyzer screens.

Passes self test and my guess would be that it works.

Surprisingly the pens are still manufactured. I think I have a few somewhere but couldn't locate them for further testing.

Cosmetically looks good and has always been stored in a room temperature

It has the usual problem, the plastic lift lever is broken. Can be fixed by drilling a hole and adding a piece of 3mm shaft. Or operated with a screw driver which I did.

The instrument is not as old as you might think, purchased as new in 1997.

Some information:

The manual:

The hard to get pen carousel is included. Also some manuals and a cable shown in the photo.

150 euros, EU only.

Shipping estimate is 15-40 euros depending on your location. Please ask.
Actual postage only, nothing extra. I will pack carefully.

Only for a person who is familiar with the electrical safety regulations and knows how to safely operate and repair professional test equipment.

I have a 7090A that needs a couple of parts - If you don't get any enthusiasm for a purchase please let me know if you'd be willing to sell the unit to me and part out the bits that I need from it to ship to the US.

Personally, I would prefer someone to acquire the entire unit because they're awesome but rather than having you throw it out I'd be willing to pay for those parts.

Anyway, good luck with selling it to a good home but please keep me in mind if it doesn't work out.



Damn hella tempting....if I just hadn't bought an 7225B flatbed plotter.


Got sold very quickly. I forgot to update here, sorry.

There was a 7090A at my workplace in the late 80s.  One April Debbie, who I later married, hacked the driver so that all plot jobs output April Fools.


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