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SOLD (EU / Worldwide) JBC DD-2A 2-channel soldering station control unit (230V)


Selling a JBC DD-2A 2-channel soldering station control unit - a good few years old but fully functional, under 1200h actual work hours in total (see stat screens).

Bought used, and was in my personal use for a few months, until i got a great deal on a 4-channel unit.

No stands or handpieces are included, but i can provide an EU or UK mains lead.

Would prefer to ship within EU (25eu); open to shipping elsewhere as well, pending checking costs - customs and any other fees are the buyer's responsibility.

Looking to get ~400eu 350eu, but i'm open to offers  :-+

Payment via Paypal, Mobilepay or bank transfer.

Asking price updated  ;D

Provisionally reserved, pending payment.

SOLD!  :-+


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