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SOLD [EU] Knick DC current calibrator / Uvex Laservision IR laser goggles


Up for grabs are:

-a Knick J 152 DC current calibrator:

range from 10 nA to 200 mA
burden voltage from 0.1 to 20 V
GPIB interface
measured a stability of 8 ppm over 10 h (at 95 mA)

condition: used, a few keys are a bit stiff but it's fully functional.

great little calibrator, takes around 2h to warm up but it's rock stable after that. I've acquired its big brother, so this little fella gets released into the wild. I used my 34970A for the stability measurement and 8 ppm is barely above its own noise, so keep that in mind (the manufacturer Knick lists a 24h stability of 1 ppm)

price: 250€ 200€

-Currently in the process of decluttering my lab, and four IR laser goggles are too many, so i'm selling two of my Uvex Laservision goggles:

D 690-1320 L6
IR 690-1320 L7
M 795-805 L10
D 10600 L3
VLT 35%
glass filter

Those are high end laser goggles made in germany, they have similar specs to the R14T1Q01 goggles (those retail for 550ish €). Extremely high protection against modelocked lasers, but they are also great for CW lasers. They are basically brand new, i removed the wrapping to inspect them, but i haven't used those two goggles. They come in a metal box, those boxes have a few dents on the sides but are otherwise in perfect condition.

price: 200€

Bump, lowered the price of the Knick and added the goggles


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