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***SOLD*** FS (EU/GER) Analogic Data Precision DP100


Analogic Data Precision DP100

·         199,999 Count Resolution
·         0,003% DCV accuracy @2V
·         True RMS ACV and ACA
·         30khz specified AC bandwidth
·         Precision PT-100 temperature measurement 4-Wire
·         Frequency Measurement up to 25MHZ
·         4-Wire ohms measurement with lowest resolution of 1mohm
·         Fast warm up time (15 minutes)
·         RS232 serial connection
·         Optional Battery operation with Nickel Cadmium Battery Module (battery module removed)

Spot checked against my fresh calibrated Agilent 34401a
Good overall condition.

Link to the manual:


 Asking for 140 Euro + Shipping

New Price 125 Euro + shipping



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