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FS: [EU/GER] Pomona 223-36 3-Lug Triax-Cable


I've got one 3-Lug-Triax-Cable from Pomona for sale, the part number is 223-36.

It's length is 36 inches / ~90 cm and it comes with male connectors at both ends.

They are used with several old Keithley devices like the 236/237/238 SMUs and others.

The cable is more or less unused with no signs of wear even though it has been sitting around in the closet for kind some time.

Asking price: 45€

Shipping within Germany is included, for the rest of the EU its 15€ for shipping with DHL (please ask for non EU countries like the UK or Switzerland).


I bought the item and just wanted to say everything went smoothly and merox was very friendly :-+


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