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FS (EU/GER): Yokogawa DLM2022, HP 3468B, GW LCR-819, SRS SR830

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Hi all!

Since discussions with SWMBO about more lab space were not really successful (surprise!), I have some test equipment to part with. I'm located in Potsdam, Germany and would prefer either local pickup, or shipping within the EU. I have never shipped outside of the EU, so I'm a bit hesitant to ship worldwide due to customs declaration stuff. I'll add images for all devices in separate posts below this one.

Yokogawa DLM2022 oscilloscope:
It's a great two channel 200MHz 2.5GS/s oscilloscope in nice shape and good working order! Comes with front cover, built-in printer, two Yokogawa 701938 200MHz 1:10 probes, pouch, and documents (see pictures below). The encoder for the horizontal was replaced last year. Yokogawa scopes have a great UI with lots of useful features!
Price: 600€ + shipping
SOLD! Thank you, krzysssztof!

HP 3468B 5 1/2 digit DMM:
The venerable 300,000 count meter from Hewlett Packard in a rather good optical condition. The internal battery has been replaced not that long ago and should be good for many years. The feet are missing and the original fuse-holder-front-panel-jack-thingy went missing some time ago as well. But, it got replaced by a banana jack that fits in nicely and also holds a fuse (5x20) in place. I checked most ranges with my calibrated 34461A and everything looks good to me.
Now listed on Ebay:

GW Instek LCR-819 LCR meter:
I got two of those from a lab clearance and only need one (if any...). It has been calibrated in 2021 and the old CCFL backlight got replaced by LEDs, providing a nice and bright display immediately after power on. There are some minor scratches and the front is a little bit discolored by sunlight. But apart from that, the LCR meter is in great shape. It has the RS232 option fitted as well.
Now listed on Ebay:

Stanford Research Systems SR830 DSP Lock-in Amplifier:
A dual channel lock-in amplifier from SRS in good working condition. It has some minor blemishes, a crack in the front bezel which got glued and the cap on the right dial is missing. It passes all self tests and appears to be well calibrated.
Now listed on Ebay:

Please feel free to ask if you have any questions!
I will have more equipment to sell in the next couple of months, so keep your eyes peeled! ... and yes, I know about the TEA group and no, I don't have a problem  ;D

Stanford Research Systems SR830

I think this needs a couple of explanations: In one of the images, you can see 1Vrms signal being fed into the reference input directly and to input A trough a 1:1,000,000 divider made out of precision resistors and the SR830 correctly measures it as 1µVrms. The other image shows the DCF77 timing signal from Frankfurt being picked up by the lock-in amplifier and displaying magnitude (yellow) and phase (green) on an oscilloscope. The dips in magnitude are the encoded timing bits (one every second) and the sawtooth in phase shows the phase drift (-180° to 180° full scale) of the internal oscillator compared to the DCF77 signal which is derived from an atomic clock (pretty good, I would say!).

Yokogawa DLM2022

A Nano VNA was used to create a square wave with sharp edges - measured rise time is ~1.4ns on both channels.
SOLD! Thank you, krzysssztof!

HP 3468B

GW Instek LCR-819

The resistor is a 1kOhm 0.01% Vishay Z-Foil resistor and the cap is a 1µF 1% one which was measured at 1.0085µF on a calibrated LCR meter once.


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