Author Topic: FS: Lambda ESS 20V 750A 15kW "Bench"-Powersupply [Germany 68xxx local pickup]  (Read 1164 times)

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Scored a small compact PSU with lotta beans recently.  Lambda ESS 20-750-10-D-RSTL-CE

i dont have 3 phase power here so i tried running it of single phase with a step up transformer.
it shows "Phase loss" and "Control failure" on me. It turns on but wont output any voltage.
i tried interfacing it with GPIB / RS232 and set it from remote to local but still nothing.
later discovered the manual states "When a phase loss or a low line occurs,........... disabling the PWMs and turning the phase loss LED on. "
can not guarantee its working but im 99% sure it does.

replaced the voltage pot with a new one (10 turn 5k) as it arrived with a snapped shaft.

manual can be found here:

i gotta get rid of it after ramming my foot into it the 10th in a row now.

obviously only local pickup in germany 68xxx postal code, its 50..60kg and my back still hurts weeks after moving it in here.

just 200 EUR 750€ (as its confirmed working now, no more scrap price)
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 i was able to finally test it! It works flawlessly.

now that i cant qualify it as junk anymore, i have to raise the price quite a bit. 750EUR. local pickup only

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no offence,  but have you pushed it to 750 amps and adjust the limitter,  if not    you can not write flawlessly ....

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I have a similar power supply but "only" at 250A. Had great fun restoring it (that's why I bought it). Mine was possibly originally used for some kind of gas-discharge lamp (it had a muliplier on the output to bring it up to 200V at no load); but ever since then I wonder what practical use this has (at least for a hobbyist)?

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