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I must change my home lab location to a much smaller room so i need to sell some instruments.
All have the signs of time (except explicitly indicated) but are in perfect working conditions.
For those interested in buying im open to do test at your request and provide the results.


* Keysight 34461A (like new)  - sold to LoneWolf6912
* Keythley 2100 - sold to yonas
* Keythley 2000 - 400 euro - * ON HOLD *
* 2000 SCAN original board - sold to ozkarah

* HP 6624A - sold to Finderbinder
DC Load

* HP 6060B - sold to Finderbinder
Frequency counter

* Fluke PM6685 (w/o internal battery) + 3GHz Prescaler (not original) - 400 euro

* Tektronix TDS 744A (opt. 13 1F 1M 2F) - sold to ltarjanyi75

Images link :

Im in Italy but have to check price and conditions of the shipping to your location before concluding the sale (and before your payement ofc).
Accepted payments : Bank transfer.
I can not assume responsibility for any damage occurred during transport.

Edit - prices added

Up, i would not like to sell them on ebay.

Up, prices added.
Last try before ebay :(

Nice equipment and good prices, If I had the extra funds I would inquire!

Good luck with the sale.

I'm interrested by the Keysight multimeter. Pm send


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