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FS [OR/USA]: HP 16700b Logic Analyzer Opt 003


HP 16700b Logic Analyzer with option 003 (1600x1200 VGA output)

$150 -- Pickup in Portland, Oregon.   Shipping probably isn't viable unless it's < 300 miles.

Working.   Clean install of 2.90 system software.

No cards. 

Needs Ps/2 mouse,  keyboard and VGA monitor.

Open to LOCAL trades,  one thing I am looking for is a 16701B expansion chassis.



--- Quote from: dorkshoei on September 19, 2021, 02:47:11 pm ---Needs USB mouse,  keyboard and VGA monitor.

--- End quote ---

USB or PS/2? Does it have the pull-up resistor installed to make it compatible with common PS/2 devices, or is it limited to a few (HP?) keyboards/mice?

Just trying to help clarify things, I'm not particularly local given that I probably live > 3000 miles away ;)

I corrected the post.  PS/2 mouse.  The comments about about it requiring a HP are not true.  There are supposedly issues with some,  I've not personally experienced them and I've tried used several non HP.  I tested this using a Logitech mouse and Cherry keyboard for example.  If you do have an issue with, it's easy to fix via adding pull up resistors and if this task is beyond you you probably don't need a logic analyzer.


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