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FS (SE/EU): Used HP 8110A Pulse Pattern Generator, 150MHz - Sold!


For specifications, please see

Instrument is equipped with one output channel and no other options.
Seems to work as intended, please see the pictures. Let me know if you like to see some other measurement.

Mem card drive is not tested.
GPIB port responds to *IDN? command with: HEWLETT-PACKARD,HP8110A,DE35103796,REV\s02.02.00\n.

Some wear and tear of course with an instrument this age. Some damage on the front panel sides as well as above the display. Again please see the pictures.
Sold as is without warranties. No cables are included. The oscilloscope is of course not included.

Price: 650€ + shipping. I might accept a lower offer if shipping is convenient.
Also I would prefer to keep shipping within EU.

It looks like my asking price was way too high. New price €300 + shipping.



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