Author Topic: FS: [SYDNEY, AUS] Oscilloscopes - Tek 7603, Tek 7623A, GW GDS-2204, GW GOS-6200  (Read 445 times)

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Hi all,

I've had fun fixing these but I need more space and it's time to move them on.  ;)

I'm not aware of any issues with them except those outlined below, but they've all had repairs done (see repair threads for details). Some of them have had multiple faults, particularly the 7603 and 7623A are getting old now so they could easily develop new faults any time. I'll allow money back returns for one month just in case. 

The GW GDS-2204 is the only one I'd be willing to post, the others are just too heavy / fragile.

I hope it's okay, but I'd like to run this as an auction where people can post bids ($0 reserve). Will leave this running for two weeks. Going to donate profits to FAME. Pickup 2050.

[1] Tektronix 7603 [$0 Res]
- Does not include plug in modules or probes
- Horizontal linearity is out on faster horizontal / div (see left side of screen in photo of 50ns)

[2] Tektronix 7623A [$0 Res]
- Does not include plug in modules or probes
-I've never had much success with the storage function, I think it's user error but some chance it's faulty

[3] Tektronix 7A18N dual trace vert module, 7B50 Time Base module [$0 Res]

- I only have one set of modules unfortunately so selling these separately to the scopes.
- CH2 of the 7A18N has some gain error (Ch1 is correct). See photo below.

[4] Tektronix 7D01 Logic Analyser module [$0 Res]
- Pretty sure this is broken, can't get any output from it
- Comes with manuals
- Comes with logic probes

-Photos to come-

[5] GW Instek GDS-2204 [$0 Res]
- no probes included
- This is probably the worst scope I've ever used, screen is low resolution, you've been warned  :D
- It has some weird acquisition / aliasing issue on longer time bases, no idea if it's a fault or design "feature"

Should be 1ms pule train:

[6] GW Instek GOS-6200 [$0 Res]
- no probes included
- Replacement fan is noisy (it ran really hot with original fan)
- The horizontal timebase is out on the faster settings. The scopes an unusual design that uses different integrating caps depending on the range, but the cal effects both. See repair thread for details.

Hopefully I haven't missed anything. Let me know if anyone has any questions or wants more photos etc.

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