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FS (UK) 3458A meter / Fluke 732A standard / Tek TDS 2024B scope


OK more lab tidy out...

+ Tek scope with case, extra probes etc here £700:

+ Calibrated 3458A serial # 2823A 01045A. £3.9K See:

There a few images (taken before the cal), SN18 drift results, July 2022 cal cert etc. It also had a new front panel by Keysight in July 2022 as Keysight said the front jacks were wobbly - not that I had ever noticed. It will ship in a proper Keysight box.

+ Fluke 732A voltage standard say £1.3K See

I'll put up a few images. It had new batteries in 2016 - it probably needs new batteries again now. The Thermistor reads 3.815K. Been powered up for 6 years and used for meter drift and noise tests.

All can be viewed and picked up in person from London SE16. Will ship to UK addresses. Contact me re overseas shipping.

Any questions, feel free to ask.

OK finally up on:


I want to buy 732a,but it is expensive for me,can you buy it for $900??


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