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FS (UK): AVR128DB28 ATtiny1616 ATtiny4313


For few years now I've had a side hustle making small scale runs of electronics for other small companies. When COVID hit I could see that lead times were going to get silly and so I stocked up on key components. Recently a couple of those companies have decided to throw in the towel and so I have the following microcontrollers in the drawer looking for a new home.

All were sourced from approved MIcrochip distributors, Farnell/RS/Microchipdirect.

AVR128DB28 in DIP packages, 188 pieces, looking for offers around the £3.80 mark
AVR128DB28 in SOIC packages, 146 pieces, looking for offers around the £2.50 mark
ATtiny1616 in SOIC packages, 120 pieces, looking for offers around the £1.75 mark
ATtiny4313 in DIP packages, 90 pieces, looking for offers around the £3.00 mark

I've tried to set a reasonable price, with no huge markup because the chips are scarce.

There might be a +/-2 pieces variance  on the quantity. I'll confirm the exact amount on enquiry.
I'm not interested in selling small quantities, preferring to sell each chip type as a single lot. UK delivery on that would be free.

I'll consider non-UK but allow extra shipping costs and all import duty and taxes will be at your cost. I will not falsely declare a shipment value.

Payment by Paypal.


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