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FS [UK]: Tektronix TDS 2024B 4-channel 200MHz oscilloscope.

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Tidying continues...used but good:


700 GBP is a pretty high price considering what you can buy from Rigol or Siglent with this money.

There's an option to make offer.

It does seem a tad high, but even broken TDS3000 scopes regularly fetch $500+ so this may not be too far out of line. I've never used a TDS2000 series so I don't know how they compare. They lack the TekProbe interface which is something that makes the 3000 desirable but they do have the 4:3 display, a USB port and the Tek name and interface design which are all selling points.

Bottom line is it's worth whatever someone is willing to pay.

it is high, you can get some of the tds3xxx series for less ???

I've played with theses series, they are basic, BUT have an useful function for the B series,  the AUTORANGE voltage, something the 3k series should have added

When you do repetitives measurements, you wont play as much with the controls, but need a little time to set

Maybe there is still people want to spend hundreds of euro for the brand name for sentimental reasons. Or need 200MHz but insisting not to hack Rigol or Siglent for moral reason. I understand that, please feel free.
The 2.5kpts memory is a big no-go for me :-//, given a deep memory is so useful and the Chinese scopes can offer 3 orders of magnitude more for 799 EUR.


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