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(Sold) Wamco KW-104S minitron displays (filament 7 segment) X3


I have three Wamco KW-104S aviation grade 7 segment displays which are typically used in avionics such as radios. They are used but have been tested and work great with no burned segments and dead spots on the filaments. The manufacturer calls them "minitron" displays which are in a nutshell filament 7 segment displays in a plug in module package similar to 0.3" LED displays however the pin spacing is non standard.

Data sheet here

Make me an offer for them or I can sell via eBay if you prefer as this makes international shipping and customs much easier. They are currently listed on eBay so if you would like to purchase them that way I can give you the link. Otherwise we can sell directly.

Note in order to take a good photo of them working I turned down the voltage as they were too bright overexposing the camera.

These have now been sold


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