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FS: (US) (WA) 4 Fluke 8846A 6.5 Digit Bench Multi Meters Trade Offers Welcomed

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Fluke 8846A 6.5 Digit Digital Multi Meters DMM (Uploaded Boot Display Test Videos 1-18-2023 Hard to Photograph VFD's LOL)

All Units are in good working order. The Vacuum Florescent Displays are showing their age but still have some life left in them. I would say the displays are about 70-85% of new. Regardless the VFD's are available directly form noritake. I was able to get a quote from them in July. Percentages are Estimates going off a New old stock unit that i have on my bench.

Cosmetic are good to excellent condition.

Unmolested units the Factory seals are not broken.

Price's below are USD (Trade Offers Welcomed)

Trades I like other test equipment. 

#1 $old (Display is slightly weaker 60%)
#2 $975 (70-75%)
#3 & #4 (80-85%) $1100ea

You Can Pick up In Vancouver WA USA or I Will Ship Form Vancouver WA USA to the USA You Pay Shipping.

We Can Discuss Payment Methods Cash If Local (Check or Money Order) Credit Card 3% Fee (No PayPal Sorry)

Message me with any questions. these are cross posted.




If 70-85% vfd is not good enough you can replace the VFD they are not that expensive form Noritake. Here was My Quote.

Bump TTT

You might want to take better photos of the individual displays as that is going to be most buyers' primary concern.  Those don't look good, but I know they are notoriously difficult to photograph because of the way they scan.  Try making sure the display brightness is set to the max and using a longer exposure time if you can.

VFD like new, OK or dimmed. Very costly to replace

easy to take photo of just the VFD, set mobile or cam to manual and adjust exposure, bracket.

price for all four or each?

how much use eg 24/ test burning lab or occasional bench

last cal?

Bon Soirée


could you air drop to greece since you look like a pilot ;)

your pricing is a bit rich for EU and in Germany there are many to be found.

I guess we all wait for a market price taking into account EU now charges 24% import duty, well, Greece does


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