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Deleted to To Visibility Error?

You might want to take better photos of the individual displays as that is going to be most buyers' primary concern.  Those don't look good, but I know they are notoriously difficult to photograph because of the way they scan.  Try making sure the display brightness is set to the max and using a longer exposure time if you can.

VFD like new, OK or dimmed. Very costly to replace

easy to take photo of just the VFD, set mobile or cam to manual and adjust exposure, bracket.

price for all four or each?

how much use eg 24/ test burning lab or occasional bench

last cal?

Bon Soirée


could you air drop to greece since you look like a pilot ;)

your pricing is a bit rich for EU and in Germany there are many to be found.

I guess we all wait for a market price taking into account EU now charges 24% import duty, well, Greece does


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