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FS (US) 1 Fluke 8846A 6.5 Digit Bench Multi Meter Reduced Trades?

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Fluke 8846A 6.5 Digit Digital Multi Meters DMM (Uploaded Boot Display Test Videos 1-18-2023 Hard to Photograph VFD's LOL)

All Units are in good working order. The Vacuum Florescent Displays are showing their age but still have some life left in them. I would say the displays are about 70-85% of new. Regardless the VFD's are available directly form noritake. I was able to get a quote from them in July. Percentages are Estimates going off a New old stock unit that i have on my bench.

Cosmetic are good to excellent condition.

Unmolested units the Factory seals are not broken.

Price's below are USD Open to Offers and Trade Offers are Welcomed

Trades I like other test equipment or ?? My Interests:
JBC DDPE-1QC (DDE-1C with T210/AM120 and Stands)
Modern Bench LCR Meter 300khz

#1 $old on Ebay (Display is slightly weaker 60%)
#2 $old on Ebay (Display is 70-75%)
#3 $980 + Ship (Displays 80-85%) (Est $25-$35 Depending on Location In the USA)
#4 $old on Ebay (Displays 80-85%)

If you Prefer to Buy On Ebay Listings (Price is Slightly Higher Due to Ebay Fees and taxes collected)

You Can Pick up In Vancouver WA USA or I Will Ship Form Vancouver WA USA to the USA You Pay Shipping.

We Can Discuss Payment Methods Cash If Local (Check or Money Order) Credit Card 3% Fee (No PayPal Sorry)

International Buyers Pay Calculated Shipping + Packing to Include Kaizen Foam Lined Box. International Payments common wire methods.

Message me with any questions. these are cross posted. 


If 70-85% vfd is not good enough you can replace the VFD they are not that expensive form Noritake. Here was My Quote.

#3 No Longer Pending.


Updated E-bay Links if you prefer to use ebay.

$1451 a piece ??


--- Quote from: charlyd on May 19, 2023, 04:58:05 pm ---$1451 a piece ??

--- End quote ---

They are $1050usd ea +  ship.  Unless you buy on ebay the price is more due to ebay collecting tax and taking 13+% Cut on the total.

I am Not joking about the ebay fee and taxes here is the breakdown of a recent order. 

Down to one left as dmm #4 has sold on ebay 05/23.


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