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FS: (US) Hakko FM-205 Desoldering Station W/ FM-2024, FM-2027 Iron (Video)


Hakko FM-205 Desoldering Station This unit can serve either as a desoldering station or a soldering station but not both simultaneously. To switch between the two functions, you will need to change the tool. It's simple din connection and only takes seconds to switch. The Hakko FM-205 is Like a FX-951 But has the internal pneumatic desolder controller.  This station requires shop air about 72psi continuous when trigger is pressed for the desoldering part. I have recently changed equipment manufactures this was my backup / alternate bench station and is in excellent condition.

Price is $540 Shipped in USA (Shipping is UPS Sorry No PO Boxes Unless you want to pay the difference in Postage to go USPS) I Prefer Check or Money Order But Can Accept Credit Card If Needed, If a Local Pick up In Vancouver Wa 98662 Payment must be cash.

Trade offers welcome (I like modern tech Stuff) Test Equipment, Sencore CR7000 CRT Tester, Xeltek Chip Programmers, Segger Flasher Pro, Etc.

This unit has Sub 10 Second Heat Up Time on the soldering iron. That means about 10 seconds or less from the time you power it on to the time its ready to solder. It Takes a little longer for de-soldering due to thermal mass of the tip.

FM-205 Desoldering Station
One FM-2024 With Sleep Stand (No Nozzle)
One FM-2027 Soldering Iron Holder With Sleep Stand (1 Random Generic Tip)

The FM205 and Fm-2024 desoldering gun is almost 3 Years Old 12/2020 with Very Little Usage, The FM-2027 Soldering Iron Pen and Stand are used but works great.

• Digital Temperature Control
• Temperature range 200 - 450°C (400 - 840°F)
• Temperature accuracy ±15°C
• Uses composite nozzles for improved thermal performance.
• Used Quick-change composite nozzles (N3 series)
• Uses low cost disposable filter cartridges
• Can be used as a soldering station with a Hakko FM2027 & FM2032 handpiece
• Convertible Gun or Pencil-style desoldering handpiece
• Less prone to clogging as compared to older desoldering stations when used on lead free applications
• Includes low temperature alarm, sleep mode functionality & auto power off

Sale Fell Thru. Available Again.


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