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FS (US) Keithley 2000 6.5 Digit Multimeter DMM

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I have a nice Keithley 2000 DMM for sale. It has a new Keithley VFD, new high quality electrolytics (non-SMD type). Fully tested, Power cord is included.

Price is $599 USD + Shipping.

Thank you for looking.

Still Available

Stray Electron:
   Another meter for sale by Twalnuts at 3x the Ebay price.

Stray Electron - do more homework! This one has a brand new VFD display, been recapped and fully tested. Feel free to buy cheap on EBay, never know what you will end up with.

Stray Electron:
   I do buy cheap on Ebay :-)   And I certainly don't pay 3x what something is worth just because the seller claims that he "refurbished" it. Furthermore I dare say that anyone in this forum could replace capacitors and a VFD display and for far less than the additional $400 that you want for your meter.

  If you think your meter is worth $599 plus shipping then list it on E-bay and find out and stop spamming this forum.


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