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SOLD — Learning Art of Electronics course kit


Nearly complete** kit including 2016 LAOE course book, components, and custom circuit boards (“Big Green”, keypad, lcd and programming module)—all in unused, mostly unopened, like-new condition. If it’s listed on the LAOE site then I probably have it.

US$200 (plus shipping within continental US) gets the lot (and no, I won’t break up the collection).

**See attached digital/analog parts list spreadsheet. By “nearly complete” I mean I originally ordered EVERYTHING highlighted on the spreadsheet but some substitutions may have been made and a few low-value items may in fact be missing. My asking price factors that bit of uncertainty into the deal.

I will take it.  Sent you a pm.



Just a few days someone was looking for PCB design files, program code, Microcontroller Code, etc. because he couldn't find them anywhere anymore. Do you have them?

Thanks. I just posted a reply in that topic you referenced.

Just arrived and extremely well packed and organized.  THANK YOU.

Looking thru the Lab Manual and the instructions for the Dallas bread board, I think this follows the philosophy of the text. To me, it assumes a lot about the leaner and is not particularly kind.

But, as an adjunct to real Analog videos and the text based course I am using, it fill a gap. Should be very helpful once I get past capacitors and inductors.


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