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FS (US) misc. ICs/connectors/supplies, pay shipping only
« on: June 03, 2023, 05:43:20 pm »
I've inherited a lot of ICs over time from old lab stock being thrown away, etc., and while a lot of it is useful, I've decided to draw the line at TTL "original" 74-series logic: just don't have the time to deal with the obnoxiously high power consumption of these when there's plenty of LS/HC/AC to be used instead.

So if anyone wants some of these, I'm happy to send them to you for only the price of shipping (probably in the ballpark of $10): US only, international shipping gets complicated quickly.  Might be useful for direct replacements in old equipment, decapping, historical stuff, whatever else (many of these have date codes from the 70's, ask and I can check for you).  Strong preference for sending a whole tube or set of one part number at a time, rather than 1 or 2 of a part that I have 5 of.  Request as much as you want, otherwise whatever's left is going into e-waste next time I move.

The "original" 7400-series ICs in this post are taken; see below for more ICs & connectors
(more varied parts added, see below)

  • 7400 quad NAND; 9x
  • 7402 (74F02) quad NOR; 3x[/s]
  • 7403 quad NAND open-collector; 3x
  • 7404 hex inverter; 6x
  • 7406 (DM7406) hex inverter, 30V open-collector outputs; 6x
  • 7408 quad NAND; 2x
  • 7410 triple 3-input NAND gate; 9x
  • 7411 triple 3-input AND gate; 4x
  • 7414 (NTE7414) hex Schmitt-trigger inverter; 1x
  • 7420 (DM7420) dual 4-input NAND gate; 1x
  • 7426 quad 2-input NAND gate with 15 V open-collector outputs; 11x
  • 7427 triple 3-input NOR; 1x
  • 7430 single 8-input NAND; 2x
  • 7432 (TI 74S32) quad 2-input OR; 1x
  • 7437 quad 2-input NAND buffer; 12x
  • 7438 quad 2-input NAND; 6x
  • 7442 (DM7442) BCD to decimal decoder; 1x
  • 7443 excess-3 to decimal decoder; 4x
  • 7464 (74S64) "4-3-2-2-input AND-OR-Invert gate" (?); 3x
  • 7473 dual J-K flip-flop with clear; 6x
  • 7474 (DM74S74, N74S74) dual D-FF with preset, clear; 5x
  • 7475 (7475) 4-bit bistable latch; 18x
  • 7476 (DM7476, 7476PC) dual J-K FF w/preset, clear; 2x
  • 7483 4-bit binary full adder; 6x
  • 7486 (DM7486, HD7486P) quad 2-input XOR; 2x
  • 7490 (7490) div-by-2 + div-by-5 counter; 6x
  • 7495 4-bit parallel-in/parallel-out shift register, serial input; 7x
  • 7496 5-bit parallel-In/parallel-out shift register, asynchronous preset; 9x
  • 74111 dual J-K master-slave flip-flop with data lockout; 3x
  • 74138 (74F138) 1-of-8 3-bit decoder/demux, inverting; 1x
  • 74155 dual 2-line to 4-line decoder/demultiplexer; 10x
  • 74161 (TI SN74161N) 4-bit counter, presettable w/clear; 1x
  • 74164 (Signetics) shift register 8-bit serial-in parallel-out; 1x
  • 74175 (Signetics) quad D flip-flop, asynchronous clear; 7x
  • 74180 9-bit odd/even parity bit generator and checker; 6x
  • 74193 (Signetics) 4-bit counter up/down, presettable w/clear; 3x
  • 74194 (DM74S194) 4-bit shift register bidirectional; 126x
  • SN15861N dual 4-input NAND, DTL; 3x
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Re: FS (US) old 74-series logic ICs, pay shipping only
« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2023, 01:05:50 am »
Oh - now there's a throw-back!

I can still remember, before the days of Dick Smith, sending mail order to the USA for these - paid by an international bank cheque made out to the Chemical Bank New York, New York.

Still have some ... somewhere.

I'd be tempted to put my hand up for the lot - but it's probably safer if I don't  ;D ... and I'm in Australia, so that puts a damper on the idea.

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More to add to the list, that is not old 74-series logic.  The quantities (1x, 2x, 3x, etc.) are what I have available:

ICs, modern
Microchip MCP73831T-2AC, 3x LiIon (4.2V) linear charge controller (SOT-23-5)
Texas Instruments PCM5100 & PCM5102 sample kit (1 each), Audio stereo I2S DACs w/PLL, SMT
Analog Devices AD790, 7x Analog comparator with latch, 45ns, SOIC
Atmel AT86RF230-ZU, 1x Zigbee/802.15.4 RF transceiver, QFN-32
Melexis US1881, 4x Hall-effect sensor, digital output, latching

ICs, old and/or rare
Performance Motion Devices (PMD) MC1401, 5x DC servo motion controller (2-chip set, PLCC)
AMD PAL22V10-15PC, 7x Programmable logic array, DIP
MMI PAL20RA10-20CN, 10x Programmable logic array, DIP
MMI PAL16R4BCN, 14x Programmable logic array, DIP
MMI PAL18R4BCN, 16x Programmable logic array, DIP

HP/Agilent HCTL-1100, 4x DC motor controller, DIP
Sanyo LA7823, 5x TV signal processor IC, DIP
Panasonic AN5436N, 10x TV signal processor IC, DIP
(Unknown) SK3255, 1x TV signal processor IC, DIP

Cypress CY7C271, 3x 32K x 8 EPROM, ceramic windowed DIP
National Semiconductor DS1489, 8x Quad RS-232 receiver IC, DIP
Mitsubishi M5M4256AP-10, 25x 256K x 1 DRAM, DIP
Texas Instruments TMS4164-20NL, 25x 65K x 1 DRAM, DIP
Hyundai HY534256S-70, 4x 256K x 4 DRAM, DIP
Texas Instruments AM26LS32, 34x Quad differential receiver, SOIC
AMD AM26LS32, 5x Quad differential receiver, DIP
Texas Instruments AM26LS31, 22x Quad differential transmitter, SOIC

Cables and Connectors
Wire-Pro Inc. 777-RRB-25P, 10x DB-25 housing, no contacts installed: 5x in original bag, 5x loose (new & unused)
AMP   204351-1, ~23x D-sub machined contact, female, solder: New in original packaging
(unknown) ~33x D-sub machined contact, male, solder: New and unused in bag, bag opened
AMP rectangular connector housings (marked with part numbers), assortment, 2.54 mm/0.1” pitch single-row: Unused
(unknown) SMC coaxial connectors, assorted cable-mount parts: Unused
(unknown) ~800x Ethernet cable boots, variety of colors: Unused
(unknown) Ethernet cable metal strain relief pieces, bag: Unused

(unknown) 9x IEC 320 C5 power cables, marked “3-Pin Notebook 6 ft”: New in original packaging
National Instruments 182482A-01 / R6868, 1x 1m ribbon cable with female micro-D-like 68-pin female connectors: New in original packaging
Hirose FX8-120P-SV1(91), 26x Mezzanine PCB connector SMT, 120-pos 0.6 mm pitch: New in original packaging, bag & tube opened

There's also 5x ±15V @ 0.4A linear AC-DC power supplies: Condor HAD15-0.4-A+G and Power-One HAD15-0.4-A.  These are heavier and so would cost more to ship (probably at least $20).
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...and some more semiconductors - all DIP packages unless otherwise noted:

AMP03 instrumentation amp [21x]
LM324 classic quad op-amp [13x]

UC3635N PLL/freq. synthesizer system [11x]
TL7702ACP supply-voltage uC/uP supervisor & power-on reset generator [>20x]
HCPL-2232 optocoupler dual, logic-output 5Mbps 4.5-20Vcc [11x]
FODM124 optocoupler, transistor (SMT) [>30x]
2N5707 phototransistor (TO-92) [14x]

UDN2540B quad driver, sink, 50V 1.8A (DIP w/wide gnd) [~8-9x]
SN75453 driver [>20x]
LM3524N SMPS controller [5x]
L292V DC motor driver switch-mode 18-36V (SIP) [3x]
Misc. old TO-220 power transistors: 1x TIP120, 9x TIP125, 4x TIP31A, 2x TIP73, 3x 2N6489, 1x 2N6386, 12x 2N6103
Misc. old TO-3 power transistors: 2N3055 etc. (haven't catalogued them all)

74LS/ALS-series TTL logic
SN74LS374N octal register, 3-state
DM74ALS540 octal inverter/line driver, 3-state [18x]
SN74LS279N quad R/S latch [18x]
SN74ALS139 dual 2:4 decoder/demux, inverting [18x]
M74ALS245 octave bus transceiver, 3-state [14x]

SN74LS10/SN74ALS10 triple 3-input NAND gate [20x]
SN74ALS00 quad NAND gate [21x]
SN74LS08/M74ALS08 quad AND gate [20x]
SN74ALS32 quad OR gate [16x]

74HC/AC-series CMOS logic
MC74HC138/SN74LS138 3:8 decoder/demux, inverting [19x]
MC74HC157/SN74LS157 quad 2:1 selector/mux [7x]
CD74AC373 octal transparent latch, 3-state [35x]
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