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SOLD Rohde & Schwarz FSEA30 3.5GHz Spectrum Analyzer w/ OCXO, Tracking Generator

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Here are the details:

This refurbished low-usage, well-equipped FSEA30 includes the following factory installed and licensed options:

1.   B4   OCXO Low Phase Noise
2.   B5   FFT Bandwidth 1Hz to 1kHz
3.   B7   Vector Signal Analysis
4.   B9   Tracking Generator with I/Q Modulator
5.   B12   Switchable Attentuator for Tracking Generator
6.   B15   Computer Function with Windows NT4.0 and 2nd VGA Display connection
7.   B16   Ethernet Variant 2 – AUI connection
8.   B17   2nd IEEE-488 Bus Interface
9.   K10   GSM Mobile Station Analyzer Firmware
10.   K11   GSM Base Station Analyzer Firmware

Serialized factory option stickers can be clearly seen on the rear panel.

Recent refurbishment includes:

1.   TFT LED backlight installation
2.   Settings Memory/RTC Lithium Battery replacement
3.   Diskette Drive replacement
4.   Internal airflow clean-up


The analyzer has been power-on cycled and tested for 4 weeks. Its OCXO oven has been powered up and stabilized during this time. The built-in full CAL routine has been run 3 times and passed all tests 100%. The DANL specification of -150dBm according to the datasheet has been confirmed. Also confirmed is functionality of the Ethernet adapter which included accessing the World Wide Web using a Firefox browser using an attached keyboard and mouse which are not included in this auction. Actual attenuator counts attest to the analyzer’s usage history.

Listing photos show the external appearance with actual screenshots. Since these photographs do not show the real, vibrant color of the TFT, additional screenshot photos without ambient lighting have been added which reflect the actual display color more accurately.


The front and rear panels of the analyzer are in excellent shape with only minor blemishes. All pushbuttons and the encoder work well. The AF output connector has been tested and works correctly. The Probe/Code and Probe Power connectors have not been tested and condition is unknown.

Enclosure panels show minor scratches from install and uninstall activity, and a number of rubber bumpers are missing. The 2 carry straps function well with minor rubber cracks on one and one end cap is also missing.

Would you ship to Germany?



--- Quote from: VanBudd on May 06, 2023, 09:48:27 am ---Hi,
Would you ship to Germany?


--- End quote ---


I am happy to ship to Germany via UPS if you pay the shipping cost. It maybe about US$300 depending on your location based on the shipping box being 60cm x 60cm x 30cm and weighs in at about 33kg. Payment would be via a wire transfer to my bank.


How do you take screenshots using FDD?
Unfortunately, we used to have them done, but those skillets are now lost (.  The user manual couldn't help (

I would like to thank you very much in advance!

It's on page 4.73 of the R&S FSE Operating Manual 1065.6016.12. Good luck.


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