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SOLD (US) Siglent SDS 2014X Plus - Price Drop


Siglent SDS 2014X Plus @ $950 OBO
Prefer Pickup near Portland, OR
Purchased in Sept 2020 directly from Siglent, have receipt. Can demo at pickup
500 MHZ, 4CH; 2 GSa, 120000 WFS, 200Mpts,
4 Analog,  16 Digital, 10.5" Touch Display, Active Probe Connectors
Installed Licenses:
FG: 50MHz USB Function / Arbitrary Generator
16LA: MSO Function - 16 digital channels
FlexRay : Flexray Serial Triggering & Decoding
CANFD: CAN-FD serial triggering & decoding
I2S: I2S (digital audio) serial triggering & decoding
1553B: MIL-STD-1553B serial triggering & decoding
PA: Power Analysis License
SENT: SENT trigger and serial decoding
MANCH: Manchester trigger & serial decoding

oooh  an "upgraded" scope   :-+ :-+

nice pup


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