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FS: [US] Tektronix 191, Constant Amplitude Signal Generator



What this is:
This is a Tektronix Type 191 Constant Amplitude Signal Generator that has a bandwidth of 50kHz and 350kHz to 100MHz. It can output these frequencies at calibrated amplitude steps.

The GR-874 to BNC adapter will be included.

The condition on this unit is good. There are a few scratches here and there, but otherwise okay. See images for more details.

The unit has been tested with a calibrated 7904 mainframe using a 7A19 and 7B85 plug-in. All tests yielded results indicating normal operation. See images for more details. Also, yes, the 7904 scope is calibrated. The "Out of Service" sticker was a reference to my ebay username & profile icon.

Some low voltage capacitors have been replaced.

Important Notes:
The potentiometer that regulates the -11v rail has been replaced with a trimmer potentiometer by me. The original pot had seized up and would not turn even with penetrating spray, heat treatment, brute force, and other methods. So I simply replaced it. The new tiny pot should be replaced though as it is not quite suited for the job. I used this tiny pot because it was the only value potentiometer that would suit the needs of the 191. Also, I couldn't quite bother finding an actual replacement. It's been like this for over a year and seems to be doing just fine as is. The temporary solutions tend to be the most permanent ones.

Please feel free to ask away- even if it seems sort of stupid. I will try my best to answer them.

price dropped by $40.

Also, any extension cable can be used to power this thing.


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