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FS: [US] Tektronix 7613 Analog Storage Oscilloscope with plug-in(s), 7B53A/ MORE

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I am selling my 7613 oscilloscope in hope to aquire more funds to purchase other test equipment.


What this is:

This is a Tektronix 7613 Analog Oscilloscope. It is a part of the 7000 series family of "mainframes". These are modular scope accepting a wide variety of 7000 series plug-ins. This particular model, the 7613, has a bandwidth of 100MHz. It offers two vertical plug-in bays, and one horizontal plug-in. With two 7A26s or relative equivalent plug-ins, it can achieve the full 100MHz bandwidth with 4 analog channels.

The special part about this scope is that it's an analog storage scope. As seen in the first image, with nothing connected, it still has a sine wave saved on the screen.

What you'll get:

You will receive a Tektronix 7613, one single 7B53A 100MHz timebase plug-in (see important notes about this plug in).

You will not receive the 7A26 plug-in shown in the photos. Unless you offer $10 more. That was for demonstration purposes.


The Tektronix 7613 Oscilloscope Mainframe itself is fully functional. It is missing the plastic around the intensity knobs, and the bezel for the screen, but fully functional.

The -15v supply tends to drop out sometimes, but this is simply a mechanical issue. Q956 isn't super well secured into it's socket, so you may have to bang the back of the scope a few times to get it to work. The reason for this is because the pins of this transistor are thinner than normal.

Issue resolved

I had replaced Q956 in an earlier repair. The transistor is non-original.

The capacitors are old in this unit. Two have already failed by having a much lower capacitance than rated. I rectified this issue by adding new caps in parallel with most of the low voltage rails to compensate for the lost capacitance. The high voltage rail however (+130v), I replaced the capacitor with a good one. No bodging capacitors there.


For now, this unit is for local pickup only. If I were to ship this beast, some delivery worker is likely to drop it and severely damage it. Plus its going to cost a fortune to ship anyways.

Since it's a local pick up only, you are more than welcome to haul along some of your own test equipment to test it before finalizing the sale if you'd like. Shipping added on ebay

Important Notes:

The 7B53A timebase plug-in is now working. I have repaired the damaged cam system: Keep in mind though that my repair may fail in the future, be gentle with it.

The timebase triggering fixed

Everything with the plug-in works quite well.

Remember that these are all problems with ONLY the plug-in. The actual mainframe is just fine.


If you still have questions, you can visit a wiki site about these scopes.

If the website does not have the desired information you are looking for, feel free to contact me. I know this scope quite well so I will be very likely be able to answer your question

This is located in Sacramento CA, USA.

I'm open to trades as well.

Update: I'll throw in a free Tek P6106 x10 probe. I think It's 250 or 200MHz.

If you want the 7A26 included, extra $10.

Special for EEVblog members:
Price is $100 for the 7613 and 7B53A

$110 for the whole thing including the 7B53A, 7613, P6106, and 7A26

David Hess:

--- Quote from: BlownUpCapacitor on January 31, 2024, 08:49:17 pm ---For now, this unit is for local pickup only. If I were to ship this beast, some delivery worker is likely to drop it and severely damage it. Plus its going to cost a fortune to ship anyways.


This is located in Sacramento CA, USA.
--- End quote ---

I suspect one of the 7834s that I bought on Ebay had elements of its CRT bent from being dropped during shipping leading to geometry distortion.

I would be interested except that Sacramento is an awfully long way from New Hampshire.

There is an eBay listing from another seller that is selling the same tube for the 7613. It is listed as tested so it probably works.

They also include shipping damage protection: " All of my items are packed very well for a safe trip and I include full shipping damage insurance coverage with all of my items. " That was a quote from the seller.

However, I'm not sure if the tubes for the 7613 and the 7834 are compatible or not. They do look similar, but Tek wiki lists them with different part numbers. Also, would the specs of the tube for the 7613 meet the 400MHz bandwidth of the 7834?

Tek Wiki says the tube for the 7834 uses distributed deflection plates, something I don't think the tube for the 7613 has.

Anyways, just trying to be as helpful as possible.


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