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FS: [US] Tektronix TD-1085/U 100MHz 7000 Series Plug-In
« on: June 19, 2024, 07:03:54 am »

What this is:
This is a Tektronix TD-1085/U. It is essentially the military/ruggedized version of the popular 7B53A plug-in module. The TD-1085/U will fit most 7000 series mainframes. The device has a delayed sweep function, but no mixed sweep; this is unlike the 7B53A. The TD-1085/U also omits the read-out circuits and the option to change the function of the main variable knob. The main red variable knob will only alter sweep speed, and not hold-off and B-sweep.

It's electrical and operational condition is very good. Everything works as expected, apart from some calibration faults. The calibration faults can be rectified by following the calibration procedure for this unit. Every knob works as expected, and the triggering does work past the 100MHz point.

It's physical and cosmetic condition is fair. No physical damage alters the unit's ability to operate electrically. This means there are no knobs missing that could result in the disability to use the function of that knob.

The unit has missing plastic around the main triggering knobs. They are still useable.

The course horizontal position knob is cracked and is missing some plastic pieces on it. The knob is still useable.

There are some other minor scratches on the unit that are no significant enough to be noted. Please look at photos.

The front panel has been cleaned. The knobs too. You will find little or no decade old finger grease on the knobs. The dirt has also been washed away from the front metal panel.
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Hehe, spooked my friends with an exploding electrolytic capacitor the other day 😁.

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