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FS: [US] Used ISG Infrasys Elite XR Firefighting Thermal Camera

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For sale is a heavily used ISG Infrasys Elite XR firefighting thermal camera from 2009. I bought this along with a few other ones, but I moved recently and needed to downsize my belongings, instruments included.

According to product brochure, sensor is 320 x 240 VOx with measurement range up to 2100*F. Camera outputs NTSC. The chassis is very scuffed, and the straps still have burnt plastic odor despite multiple washes. Nevertheless, the Germanium window is intact, and the camera works after a couple minutes of warm up from a cold start. In terms of modifications, a barrel connector was added for 12-15V power adapters/battery packs, the O-ring seal was greased, and desiccant packs were replaced.

I'm looking for $130 Paypal shipped within CONUS. Price is negotiable. The camera will be shipped with a 12V 1A power adapter (draws 6-7W) and a BNC->RCA adapter.

Price dropped to $150.

Price dropped to $140


I'm sorry to low-ball you, I don't really need another one...

but I'll take it for $80 (shipped to 83714)



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