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FS: ** SOLD ** Tektronix CPS250 Triple Ouput Power Supply ($100/CONUS shipped)


** SOLD **

*** Tektronix CPS 250 Triple Output Power Supply : $100 CONUS shipping included ***

I'm upgrading to a larger power supply, so this one needs to go! Used and slightly scuffed, but works great. Has two 20V/0.5A outputs (in independent mode) and one constant 5V/2A output. Will include a power cable, but nothing else (no leads).

Photos and manual attached.

(Yes, this is my first post, by I'm more active on VCFED ATM.)

Old Printer:
You will probably do better on ebay, possibly even well over what you are asking for here because of the Tek badge. I have seen these TEK versions go for $250-$350. These are excellent power supply's for a hobbyist, very well built and robust. Most guys here know they were re-badged, and also sold by BK Precision to the ITT trade schools. When ITT went bust several years ago these were sold on ebay by the thousands very cheaply. I bought several. Tek also produced one of their excellent service manuals with full schematics, on par with the SM's for their scopes, and are pretty easy to find online.

This until has had a similar life.  Before I rescued it from Goodwill, it spent most of its life at Florida A&M University.


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