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FS [US/CAN] Tektronix TDS 340A with dead CH2


Too many projects, no time for this one.
[EDIT - new price] Would sell for 110 CAD with free shipping to Canada; 60 USD + shipping for USA.

Channel 1 seems to work fine
Channel 2 is dead. Probably the attenuator hybrid. This would explain some of the self-test and SPC errors.

Internal NVRAM (DS1644) will need to be replaced or repaired; its internal battery is dead.

Otherwise unit is in good condition, display is sharp.
Also has option 14 installed (RS232, printer, GPIB etc).

No additional testing done, no probes included.

Shipping to Canada should be around 40-45$. US maybe 80-90, contact me for quote.

I also have it listed on ebay but would much rather sell to a forum member.

Bump for new price : 110$ with free shipping to Canada


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