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SOLD: (US/Canada/Mexico) BK 2190 100Mhz w Time delay Scope for shipping cost


The catch is Channel 2 is deranged.  It looks to me like the preamp board (but what do I know). No amplification, no vertical positioning.

Channels 1 and 3 work fine.

I bought this some time ago before I found my Kenwood.   figured I could use channel 1 to find the problem on channel 2.  I got as far as getting the schematics and calibration manual from BK.  But then I found working analog to keep.  So I lost interest in this. 

PM  me.  Remember, we are all subsidizing Amazon when it comes to shipping.  My guess right now is between $25 and $50 CONUS.

Freight usually breaks CRT unless double boxed with 5" stiff folam or large bubblepack in every direction.

Cost of shipping will be more than the value.

Suggest local Craig List or ham fleas.


Thanks for giving it a home.  Pm'd you.




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