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SOLD Glassman Europe Limited LV 600-1.7 power supply 0-600V 0-1.7A


I'm selling a Glassman 1000W lab power supply here. I've acquired it from a liquidation sale and don't need it myself.

It’s obviously used and I estimate it to be around 20 years old. I believe these are actually rebranded Xantrex power supplies.
I've only performed some quick tests and at first glance it seems to work well. See attached pictures 6 and 7.

The unit weight is just under 9kg. I believe including packaging, I will manage to keep it under 10kg.
This makes insured shipping within EU around €40 and to the USA around €80.
Just contact me in case you are interested, so we can look into the actual shipping options and costs.

The asking price that I have in mind is €500.


Confirming that the internals are Xantrex:

Don't need it but I like it >:D

I am open to offers!  8)


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