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I have a few oscilloscopes I'm looking to sell.  I'm in the Windsor, ON region and am not sure how comfortable I am with shipping these units and making sure they arrive save and sound. 

I have:
4 - Tektronix 2215 60MHz 2 channel scopes (with power cords and "hook" probes).  I am still in the process of testing them all out, but can give you a working on for sure. 
1 - Gold Star OS 9020A 20MHz 2 channel scopes (with power cords and "hook" probes).  SOLD
3 - HeathKit Decade Resistance boxes 0.1 Ohm - 10 kOhm range
2 - SLC Fiber Optics Trainer - basic boards to let you experiment with fiber optics, they should probably stay together as a set.

I'm still sorting through all of this stuff trying to make sure it is all in working order and determine appropriate pricing.  If you are interested in making a reasonable offer I'd be happy to entertain it. 
Pictures and pricing details to follow as I get them together. 
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Re: FS: 60Mhz and 20Mhz Oscilloscopes in Canada, Ontario, Windsor
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Some further information about the decade resistance boxes. 
They are Conway L110 complete with storage / travel boxes. 
Range 0.1 Ohm and 10x10kOhm (100kOhm).  Each of the values (0.1,1,10,100,1k,10k) has it's own rotary switch with values between 0 and 10, when all are set to 0 the device has a resistance of 15MOhm.
Acessed through two banana jacks (standard 4mm). 
Asking $100 each, pickup only (Windsor, Ontario, Canada). 

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Some pictures of the Tektronix 2215 - 2 Channel 60MHz Scopes. 
Comes with 2 probes (grabber hooks screw on to sharp tip) and power cord. 
This first one has some superficial damage to the Calibration knob on the horizontal time base but the knob works. 
Asking $250 each pick up only. 
I have tested both channels with my arbitrary waveform generator and am able to pick up traces across the 12Mhz the ArbGen can output. 
If you have any questions or if you would like to come take a look at a scope send me a message.
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$250 for all 6?
or each?

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Yikes, I mean you're free to try asking as much as you like but good luck with that. The typical going rate for a working analog scope has been about $1/MHz for years, slight premium for brands like Tek but demand is falling fast. When you can buy a brand new 100MHz 4 channel Rigol DSO for $349 the market for analog scopes is very limited and shrinking fast, especially for the low end like 60MHz 2 channel scopes. I usually recommend beginners look for one but that's only because they can often be had for ~$50 and I like the direct, real-time nature of analog.

IMHO for a Tek 2215 you're looking at maybe $150 absolute tops for one that is in excellent condition, clean and fully tested with a manual and set of probes.
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Hello James_S
   Thanks for your input on the pricing.  After spending over a year and a half searching locally for an entry level scope I can say your estimates are Spot On.  Ebay has plenty of scopes sold "As Is" or "Not Tested" or "Parts Only" for around $1/MHz.  Perhaps a bit of a gamble for your first piece of test equipment (the target market for an analog scope these days).  In working order they usually go for around $100-150...USD.  But of course Southern Ontario is a test equipment wasteland and you will likely need to drive 4+ hours each way for a pick up or pay $80-100 for shipping...USD. 
At this point an analog scope is coming to your door for at least $200...USD.  Why do I keep mentioning that it's USD?  Each US Dollar is about a buck thirty in Canadian money (the going currency where the local pick up is listed), once you've paid for shipping and the exchange rate you are still paying at least as much as I'm asking sight unseen. 
Perhaps the EEVBLOG Forum is the one place on the internet where things are sold for the asking price without arguing or dickering about prices, but my experience is that I'll have to fight no matter what price I list so why not list one that strikes me as market?  In this area I think the price is competitive though they might take a while to clear out.  If anyone is interested in making an offer I'd suggest doing so via private messaging. 
I hope this helps alleviate some of your concerns James_S.
   Mr. A.

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