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FS - Advantest TR4133B 21GHz Spectrum Analyzer parts


In case anyone on the forum is interested, I have just completely dismantled an Advantest TR4133B 21GHz Spectrum Analyzer. The unit was in working order when dismantled but did have the usual failed front panel push buttons, so the keypad is scrap except for the encoder and chips etc. The PSU, chassis and casing are heavy so are headed for the bin. I have all the electronics and modules from the unit and will put them on eBay soon but thought I would offer them here first. There are some lovely RF modules in the unit including 21GHz amplifiers, 4 to 8 GHz YIG Oscillator, YIG filter and harmonic mixer. Absolute gold if you own such an Analyzer and want to keep it running  :-+

If you own a TR4133B and want to make me an offer on any particular parts, let me know. All electronics are available and I will sell as a job lot if requested. I am located in the UK but will ship overseas.

I attach a picture of a similar unit (not mine)


The TR4133B block diagram in case of use/interest.

The input attenuator module is electronic. It is a Hewlett Packard unit labelled as 70dB Max attenuation and rated to 18GHz.  :)


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