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FS: Agilent 16700B Logic Analyser with 16556A (68 channel)

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Hi all,
Up for sale is my Agilent 16700B with 1x 16556A (68 channel) [100MHz State, 400MHz Timing] Logic Analyzer.
It's the headless model, that requires either an external display, or you can remote in on a session to control the instrument (VNC etc.)

It run it's own HPUX OS rather than any version of Windows etc.

Passes all self tests, on the chassis and the card, and complete with 2x immaculate condition pods + grippers. (32 channels's worth, +2x clocks). You can easily grab another 32x channels / 2x pod grabbers from eBay for not much if you need to use the full 64x.
You can also use half the channel count at 2x the speed/memory depth as I've been doing.

This particular LA system includes software installed for Inverse Assembly, (E8032A), and I originally bought it from ex. MOD / miliary R&D development lab a while back.
The Agilent LA software is the latest at V 2.90

There are 4x more unoccupied slots, (for a total of 5x in this frame) so if you need more channels, adding extra cards can be done cheaply from eBay to easily get a LA with 100's of channels in this frame.

- 16700B chassis itself (all self tests passed)
- 16556A logic analyser card (all self tests passed). 68x channels.
- 2x Pod's (no's 3 + 4) with full pack of grippers and ground wires. These can work on any pod/port, there is no functional difference betwen the no's just the sticker). Each one does 16x channels + 1x clock.
- 1x PS2 Mouse (these systems are really fussy with which ones they want to work with, even after the resistor mod I have performed. The bundled Microsoft Intellimouse works great)
- 1x PS2 Keyboard
- 1x IEC C13 UK mains cable

*If you want to run this locally, the system MUST have the PS2 Mouse and Keyboard attached; otherwise it will only boot into remote only mode.

Ideally collection would be preferred to to the size and weight of the unit, but I can package it up for UK courier shipping (recharged at cost TBC on postcode) or can be shipped internationally at the buyers risk, and if they accept all shipping, tax and customs costs that may arise from the shipping of the item. Please contact me for a postage quote first.

I'm not sure exactly how much it's worth in 2023 pricing, so I'm open to sensible offers. If it's still for sale by Aug, I'll chuck it on eBay.

I've done my best to show the system in it's working state, but any questions, please let me know.

Many thanks + have a nice afternoon.

Kinda interested but have just got hold of a 16500C and feel I should make a decent effort with that first.
But the 16700 is the last in the line before they started with the windows crap, and the 16557 is good enough to be useful.

Finding a price is hard. An empty 16700 seems to run about £200 even in the UK. The ones with screens are a lot more expensive  which is odd given how much better an external VGA screen is.  There are too few blades in the UK to judge. A 16557 is about $50 in the US but can be much higher. Sometimes the presence of cables affects that, sometimes it doesn't.   A 16555 is often more expensive for reasons I don't understand. Postage costs can triple the price with US->UK purchase. Maybe this should be factored into the value, maybe not.

The 16700 is quite expensive to run. I understand the memory modules are unobtainable and the discs expensive. Some people suggest buying the opt 3 (no screen) and stripping it for those parts, which is only sensible if you like the small integrated screen.

Based on these I'd guess about £250. But compared with other UK analysers for sale on ebay, you might expect more like £800. Personally I think those are overpriced - I can see 16500Cs for that price but also just got one (with some decent cards) for under £100. Not on ebay, of course.

What's your location ? You quite rightly prefer collection but that then becomes an important factor :)

Thanks - sorry I forgot to add exact location: it's Loughborough, Midlands.
However can travel to meet if not too far, or pallet ship it etc.

Do let me know if you'd like to put an offer in for any consideration.

All the best,

Hi Dan,

Interested. Sent you a pm.


*Bump *  :-/O

Now on eBay,

Although, would accept an EEVBlog member (If >10 posts) price of £300, excluding any postage costs or PayPal fees (BACS = free).

Thanks!  :-DMM


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