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I have a fairly large assortment of old test equipment I would like to see get used.  I have signal generators, voltmeters, calibrators, a deviation meter, scope, power supplies, distortion analyzer, oscillators, and so on.

Most is high end stuff from HP, Measurements, Boonton, Ballantine, etc.  It's just old.  It all works as far as I know and, while not museum pieces, generally look okay.

Rather than make a list here, I would be happy to answer any queries.  Due to the cost of shipping, it's best to find someone not far from Los Angeles to arrange a meeting.

A list and photos and an idea of what you want would really help.  How many items are we talking about?  And how old--70's, 50's, 20's?  What model is the distortion analyzer?

I'm local, but I'm out of commission for a few weeks yet.  If it is a huge assortment maybe I could have a look then.

That depends on your definition of huge.  I will give a partial list.

Measurements Model 80 sig gen
HP 200CDR and 200CD
HP 400D (2)
Lampkin deviation meter
Dressen barnes bench PS for tube units - 0 - 300V and 0 - 500V
NJE PS 0-40V
Astron PS (3)
Ballantine 300 voltmeter
Electro Instruments DVM bench type 0.01% with ac converter, old rack modules
Triplett 3256 wavemeter
BC-221 freq meter
Boonton Q meters - HF and VHF
Boonton R-X meter
Manual voltage calibrator, forget the brand, with decade switches and helipot
EICO 950B RC bridge
HP 331A distortion analyzer
HP 651A oscillator
HP 203A sine/square/phase shifting osc


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