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FS: Design of a precision product of the WR-62 waveguide miter bends


We have developed waveguide miter bends in the E-and H-planes with unique characteristics.
Fig. 1 shows a classic design miter bends, Fig. 2 and 3 shows frequency characteristics of VSWR bends this type for waveguide WR-62, the working frequency in the range from 12.4 to 18 GHz. On these charts for comparison, shows the characteristics we have developed new miter bends, benefits of the latters are obvious, the reflected power is less than 20-30 decibels. The analysis was carried out under the HFSS program.
Estimated VSWR new bends so perfect that can be realized only with quality production.
Since we do not intend to engage in the production, we offer to purchase design bend in WR-62 waveguide and methods of modeling new miter bends in waveguides of other cross-sections, which will significantly improve the parameters of a number of waveguide bends produced by your company.
Design new bends definitely patentability, they can be used as a finished product or as a component of other products, such as directional couplers, improving their parameters. In complex microwave, channel bends are used in large quantities.

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