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FS: Electronics/RF lab clear out (Keysight, Tek, R&S, Rigol..) Reasonable offers

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Hi everyone,

Wanting to reclaim some space in the lab here, and I've been using/losing valuable space for too long.

Open to reasonable offers on anything (via PM please)

This list will probably grow..
UK based, collection ideally (Manchester/Salford M30) but UK postage possible around work.
All functioning (tested) correctly unless additional notes state otherwise.

Here goes:

- Agilent 8753ES Vector Network Analyser 3KHz - 6GHz with Time Domain option (option installed for 6GHz extension, but it occasionally loses Phase lock. I only
   use it below 3GHz for this reason, but I figure it's not worth the cost of diving into for my use, and possibly not yours. Results agree with a R&S ZNL below 3GHz)
- Keysight 34410A 6.5 digit Multimeter
- Tektronix MDO3034 (bumped to 500MHz BW + all SW options), two 1GHz, and two 500MHz passive probes
- Rohde & Schwarz CMU200 (options B21, B41, B52, B54, U65) (slightly bent rack ear corner, could be straightened if needed)
- Aeroflex IFR 3413 - RF Signal Generator (250KHz - 3GHz)
- Aeroflex 7100 Digital radio test set
- EIP 548B Frequency Counter
- Keithley 2015 THD multimeter
- HP 8903B Audio Analyser (Line power button cap missing, but operable with any implement)
- Neutrik A1 Audio test set. Built in sweep generator and graph plotter. 2ch THD, noise, crosstalk, etc. Very handy for a dedicated unit. Never the best tool, but
  always there any ready to go.
- Anristsu MG9001A   Stabilised light source (ch1/2 button cap missing, but still usable. Damn button-cap fairies..)
- Tektronix 2465 DVS (300MHz Analog scope with digital readout, plus a build in DVM. DVM is a bit pointless, but can be ignored and it's the same as the best
   Analog scope you could get. Subjective of course..)
- Tektronix 2225 (50MHz high-sensitivity analog scope). I also have a non-working one of these for spares
- Maynuo M8811 30V/5A 4-wire Power supply
- GW Instek AFG-2012 Arbitrary Function Generator
- Rigol DP832 3ch Power Supply

Could you add the expected prices for each item on the list ?
Best regards

Hi Djil,

All items are offer only I'm afraid. I know that can be a pain, but if you have a reasonable offer based on the going rate for anything, I'm open to it.

The last time I listed anything with prices, it only brought an onslaught of negativity/abuse about what the prices should be (from non-interested parties ironically), and nobody has time for that kind of negativity. The best way I've decided is to simply leave the prices up to the people  :-+


I would be interested in the 8903... but I'm not in the UK... I don't suppose you would consider posting it to NZ ? is it broken in any way (ideally it is, so i can fix it in a video).


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