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FS EU: Random DC/DC converters (0.75-15W)


I have a bin of old DC/DC-s. Some desoldered, a lot of them unused. Ideally I would sell all at once but if you are in need of something specific I can fish them out. Give me an offer. I will try to ship it as cheap as possible, it will probably be in the range of €5-10.

High power (tested, one pc. unless noted):
Murata PWR1306AC
Murata PWR1726AC
Traco TEL 15-4811
Traco TEN 10-1223
XP Power JTH1548S15
XP Power JAH0212S09
XP Power JAH0212S24
Recom REC3.5-1205DRW/R10/A
Recom REC3.5-1212DRW/R10/A (5pc)

Smaller power (not tested)
XP Power IM4812S (4pc)
Recom RP-1212D (2pc)
Recom RP-1224s (3pc)
Traco TMA1212D (2pc)
Traco TMH2415D (3pc)
XP Power IQ2405SA (2pc)
Mornsun QA051C
Traco TSR 1-2405
Recom R-629.0P


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