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FS Fluke 105B series II



Firmware 8.6      english 8.5, french 8,5

Suitcase, with all the probes clips, meter and scope probes etc ...

The battery is holding well its charge

The original ac-dc charger come with the ''world'' AC plugs adapters

Come with an BK Precision PR2000B dcope probe (200Mhz, x100, 100meg impedance,  high voltage probe)

Very clean display surface screen

The scope rubber protector is clean, no dings, no scratch's on it

RS232 optical link  included  (not usb)

The minuses

The battery has been changed around 1.5 years ago, it began to leak,  the battery contacts have been cleaned with an dremel (but they have been corroded)

And misses the Fluke user manual who can be found on the web ...

Last calibration done in 2007

Checked many prices on FleaBay, i think, i can ask around 400$ usd + shipping   for it ?? or OBO ??

I don't use it very often, and i want to get an table model ...


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