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FS: Fluke 732a Voltage Standard


Hello Guys,

I decided to sell my Fluke 732a after not using it really.

Some History to the unit. I am the second owner, bought it from an cal lab in Switzerland.
No Histroy is availabe, till i got it, it was switched off nearly 10 years. Has been running for a year and a half now.
Batteries were replaces after I got it, with the same type that was in there (Charge regulator has been adjusted to the newer batteries).

Unit is stil running, so if anybody is interessted may Swiss/Europe region we can talk about Hot-Shipping.
Can be shipped cold as well, as i have no assigned value at the moment.

Despite its age its in a good condition, not much use on the terminals.

Asking price is 1500 swiss franks. Happy to talk about it :)




Is this still available?


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