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FS: HP 3455A 6.5D Multimeter, 6623A Transformer [US]


Have the following items for sale:

HP 3455A Multimeter, some notes:

* Passes self test
* Average Responding AC Option
* Chassis and transformer is in rough shape with some rust and corrosion
* Line switches turn on but not off, needs to be pulled out
* All keys works and LEDs are bright
* 1976 Vintage based on date codes
* Will include USBGpib Adapter
* Includes Operating and Service ManualAsking $50 + Shipping

Transformer from HP 6623A Power Supply, PN 9100-4490

$1 + Shipping (It's heavy)


Price drop


--- Quote from: Venturi962 on September 25, 2021, 12:59:58 pm ---Price drop

--- End quote ---
     IMHO unnecessary.  $75 is already a cheap entry into voltnutery.  I was tempted, chiefly by the idea to send out the reference board to fellow HP3455A owners for comparison.  Alas, I have more than enough DMMs already.

     How about a thread in the metrology section with pictures and reports of measurements.  That tends to up the prices on the secondary market.   ;)

PM sent


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